Dr. Sid Solomon

Dr. Sid Solomon is a cosmetic dentist practicing in the greater Los Angeles area and is the proud father of four children: Adam, Amanda, Daniel and Sophie. Dr. Solomon and his wife have consistently encouraged their children to pursue their interests with the same vigor and devotion as their father, who overcame quite a few significant obstacles on the way to becoming one of the most respected dentists in Southern California.


Throughout his professional career, Dr. Solomon has not only done everything within his power to provide patients with the best possible dental care, but he has also worked diligently to ensure he consistently set an outstanding example for his children and represented his family in a manner that reflected his overwhelming sense of dedication. Over a lengthy professional career in which he has received countless accolades, Dr. Solomon has consistently credited the support of his family for the success he has been able to achieve.


A graduate of UCLA and the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, Dr. Solomon is the founder of the Center for Cosmetic, Implant & Neuromuscular Dentistry and the author of “Dream Big… Smile Big.” Formerly an associate clinical professor at UCLA, Dr. Solomon treats patients in need of a wide range of dental care procedures, and he relishes the opportunity to assist patients in alleviating the physical or emotional pain they may be experiencing as a result of their dental issues.


Dr. Solomon has set a wonderful example for his children by pursuing continuing education opportunities throughout his nearly 30 years as a practicing dentist. Dr. Solomon’s continuing educational efforts include advanced coursework focusing on full mouth reconstruction, practical occlusion, advanced function aesthetics and neuromuscular coronoplasty, among many others. It has long been Dr. Solomon’s belief that a doctor’s education should be continuous in order to ensure that patients are treated according to the highest possible standard of care.


Recognizing the inherent value in the pursuit of continuing education opportunities, Dr. Solomon has created educational programs as well, founding the Facial Academy of Cosmetics and Esthetics as well as a dental education television program called, “You and the World of Medicine – Dental Division.” Clearly committed to sharing his experience and expertise with others, Dr. Solomon also founded Solomon Consulting with the goal of assisting dental professionals in improving the level of care they provide to their patients through the use of a wide variety of strategies.


In addition to being a dentist, author, entrepreneur and educator, Dr. Solomon is an inventor as well, creating Unitox, a specialty syringe made specifically for use in administering BOTOX. With such a wide variety of successful professional pursuits, Dr. Solomon has set an excellent example for his children and has demonstrated the importance of perseverance along with a strong work ethic. With his work in “The Alphabet Book,” Adam's impressive understanding of composition and his uncommon creativity are on full display, making it quite clear that his parents have succeeded in passing their values onto their children.

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