My name is Adam Solomon, and I am 10 years old. I created the Alphabet Book because I like to take cool pictures. Have a look around my website to get an impression of my work.


You can purchase my book on by clicking here.

You can purchase my book through by clicking here!

You are also welcome to purchase my book at The Getty Center in Los Angeles and soon at select Barnes and Noble stores near you!

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Reviews About The Alphabet Book

"Whether the reader is 7 months, 7 years, or 70 years old, the book offers an intriguing new perspective of the world around us. The letters of the alphabet are the foundation of everything we say and write as well as the basis of communication. They also perfectly depict how humans can give meaning to arbitrary shapes, which is why it's understandable that the photographer has managed to see these abstract images right in the backyard of the school that taught him how to master the written language. Adam has captured the images of the alphabet as they appear in his school's playground and thereby artistically connected the world of the English language with nature. In a way, these letters are what fundamentally allow us to communicate with the world and the creative images in The Alphabet Book also hint that the world can also communicate with us. This book can be used for a child to learn their ABC's or for an adult to simply reimagine the language they take for granted."

Sean Rad- Founder and CEO of Tinder

"This revolutionary Art and Photography book clearly demonstrates Adam's keen creative abilities.  He demonstrates a depth and understanding far beyond his years.  A book unlike any I have ever seen." 
Manijeh Sohrabi- Early Childhood Educator, Author
"I am impressed by the certainty and vision by which Adam has explored his world.  Adam will have an extraordinary future in any task his life may lead him to. This book is a celebration of the innocence and clarity of a youthful outlook." 
Emad Asfoury - Director, Cinematographer, Photographer
"Such a profound understanding of the  world around him... At this very young age, Adam has managed to create a tool that can help all of us (young and old) grasp the simple beauty of the perplexing world around us."
Mark Thoroughgood - Educator, Lecturer, Author

Art for Life


The visual arts are my lifelong passion. You can learn more about my hobby in general, or you can go straight to the artwork section to check out my work.

Friendly Artists

This is a great collection of portrait photographs that has just been posted online by Farnaz Solomon. They are very different from my own work, but I love them!

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Last weekend I went to the California State Museum to check out their latest exhibition. There are some great paintings, but it's only on this month, so hurry!

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